Fantasy Necklace

The Sterling Fantasy Necklace is available in seven sizes and the 14k Gold Fantasy Necklace in five* sizes. 
You do not need a lock to fasten this necklace. Trollbeads may be mounted above the pearl/pendant without the use of tools. Wear the necklace with your favourite beads - or no beads at all. 

(See image below)
A 60*
B 70*
C 80*
D 90*
E 100*
F 110
G 120


Model showing necklace lenghts

Fit tips:
The Fantasy Necklaces becomes more customizable the longer the length.  

Gift Tip:  
The length 80 cm and 90 cm (31.4", 35.4") are most popular.
About Fantasy Necklaces: 
The Fantasy Necklace is available in .925 Sterling Silver and 14k gold. It comes with either a gemstone, pearl or Sterling silver pendant attached: Malachite, Amethyst, White Pearl, Peacock Pearl, Rose Pearl, Onyx and the Sterling Silver Fantasy Fairy.

Fantasy necklace with faceted onyx bead