Leather Bracelet

The Double Leather Bracelet is available in three sizes and are wrapped twice around your wrist giving a stacked look. 
To find the correct bracelet size, you must measure the broadest circumference of your wrist. 

Please note: The listed lengths indicate the total length of the bracelet with a lock attached, so the leather bracelet itself is 2 cm shorter than indicated, as most locks are approx. 2 cm long. If, for example, you require a 19 cm bracelet, choose ‘41 cm’.  
We will send you a 39 cm leather cord and when you add a lock your bracelet will be the perfect size.  

If you buy a ready-to-wear bracelet the lock will of course be included.  

36 UP TO 17 CM
41 17-20 CM
45 20 CM OR MORE


Step 1. Measure your wrist with a wide ribbon
Step 2. Measure the lenght of the measured ribbon
Step 3. Try on the Bracelet with a lock and cut to size
Step 4. Add beads and enjoy wearing your Trollbeads Leather Bracelet

Fit tips: 
The size depends on how tight you want the bracelet, and how many beads you intend to put on. 
The bracelet comes in a generous length that will wrap comfortably around your wrist twice. Cut off the excess leather with a scissor.  

Beads and double-ended locks, which enable you to change the beads on your bracelet without tools, are sold separately. Some locks are not suitable on leather bracelet – please find the information on the lock.  
It is not possible to use a spacer on a leather bracelet. 

Gift Tip:  
36cm (14.2") and 41cm (16.1”) fits most. 

About Double Leather Bracelets:  
The Double Leather bracelet is a light, more casual jewellery piece to wear with your favourite Trollbeads. It is available in over 10 colours.