People's Bead winners over the years

People's Bead is one of our most exciting events where YOU can become a Trollbeads designer.
Discover the beautiful winning beads from the past years! These are the designs that received the most votes - and was selected by people. If you fall in love with the previous winners, don't worry. Some of the winning beads can still be purchased.
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Atom of Unity
R 799.00
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Peach Blossom Bead
R 799.00
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Wishful Sky Tassel
R 1,199.00
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Turtle Flower Bead
R 1,099.00
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Northern Lights Magic Bead
R 949.00
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Dancing Dragons Bead
R 6,999.00
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All People's bead winners


Atom Of Unity - by Paolo Riviera

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Peach Blossom - by Patrizia Tinelli

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Wishfull Sky Tassel - by Gaetano Preti

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Framed By Ivy - by Amanda White

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Turtle Flower - by Giada Manfredi

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Northen Lights Magic - by Linda Kucina

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Dancing Dragons - Designed by Lily Sun

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Celebrate Life - by Giuseppe Di Meo

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Tropical Travels - by Amanda White

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Perfect Balance - by Mirjam Seling

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Peoples Bead winnings bead of 2013


Night Owl - by Kevin Powell

Friends - by Luisa Esposito

This Too Shall Pass - by Iris Heyer

Will - by Paul Krans

Little Acorns - by Rachel Morris

Leopard - by Mary J Sanger

Sakura - by Shizue Ishiwata

Love is Blind - by Valentina Rocchi

Silver Lining - by Rebecca Cresswell

Thoughts - by Daniela Troll

The 11 Peoples bead winning beads of 2012


Happy Dragon - by Allan Bayer

Spirit Light - by Marta KubeŠová

Feather - by Carolyn Brettell

Loving Light - by Kevin Powell

World Within - by Linda Karuso

Dream Catcher - by Silvia Lacurto

Chakra Colours - by Jolanda J. Hos

Stay Positive - by Maria af Rolén

Heaven's Garden - by Yumi Shimizu

Rosary - by Elisabetta Marini

Prayer - by Daniele Celani


Rolling Waves - by Denise Tong

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Ice Bear - by Kristi Denning

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Pax - by Suzanne Marie Hopping

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