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Discover all the beads released for Trollbeads Day since 2014 and see which are still available.

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    Layers of Hopes & Desires
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    Layers of Past & Present
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    What is Trollbeads Day?

    Since 2014 a special Limited-Edition Trollbeads Day collection has been released once a year. On the day there are Trollbeads store events all over the world, where Trollbeads enthusiasts are invited to join us in celebrating our world of exquisite and
    unique beads and charms inspired by nature, mythology, and rich folklore.

    Discover all the beads released for Trollbeads Day. The beads above are still available.

    Created by skilled artisans the beads are made from a variety of materials, including sterling silver, 18k gold, Murano glass, porcelain and precious stones, these special beads are always eagerly anticipated by Trollbeads enthusiasts with good reason.

    All Trollbeads Day Collections

    Trollbeads day 2023 reflection beads


    Beads that change in the light and remind you to reflect over your life
    and actions.

    Layers of Past & Present, Layers of Highs & Lows, Layers of Hope & Desire, Layers of Curiosity & Energy, Layers of Strengths & Confidence, Layers of Intuition & Wisdom.


    The Troll Agate shimmer in all the colours of the forest: you’ll find lavender, moss green, light blue, and purple in the beads – all of them sparkling with glitter!

    Troll agate

    Trollbeads day 2021 beads in silver and gemstones, Cradle of earth, ocean and sky.


    Celebrating nature, hope and optimisism - these gemstones are embraced by highly detailed silver.

    Cradle of ocean, Cradle of sky, Cradle of Earth


    Inspired by summer parties and fresh and fruity colors. Each of the beads is engraved by hand with a stunning, highly detailed pattern.

    Lime leaves, Raspberry bush, Blueberry Flower, Honey bee, Mint mesh, Plum tree


    A special handpainted collection in porcelain. This was the first time Trollbeads used this material and technique.

    Lotus Brush, Fish Brush, Vine Brush, Plum Tree Brush, Bamboo Brush, Chrysanthemum Brush


    Two small Sterling silver insects rests their wings on this amber bead.

    Wings of amber.


    This gemstone is popularly known as the Venus Hair Stone. It is said to cleanse and energize, and to will help make your life easier. It is also said to lift your mood and attract love. What's not to like?!

    Golden Rutilated Quartz


    2016 we celebrated Trollbeads 40th anniversary with the Trollbeads Day Lucky Friends Bracelet along with the 18K Clover Bead. The bracelet included a silver clover bead and a matching clover clasp.


    Let your spirit feel the break of dawn. Seek a moment of harmony and find inner peace.

    Trollbeads Day 2015


    This First Trollbeads Day bead shows three troll faces. It represents the emotions of Intensity. Friendship. Joy

    Trollbeads Day 2014